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About Labyrinth
Welcome to the website of Labyrinth,
a guild in MapleStory Europe founded by TOTA.

Labyrinth has been in MapleStory Europe (almost) since its release.
We are not just like any other guild; we're a family and our members collaborate intensively.
The members of Labyrinth do not strife towards egocentric goals, instead we like to help eachother so we get stronger as a whole.

We do not care where you are from, what damage output you have, sexual preference or how many NX you use per month. Instead we care about your personality, are you a team player? are you able to abandon your selfish goals in order to help others? Can we trust you? and are you able to trust others?
With this philosophy Labyrinth has grown to one of the best guilds in MapleStory Europe.
Everyone that wishes to be part of this positive fighting spirit is welcome in our bossing squad, where members of many different guilds join efforts in order to bring down the strongest bosses in game. This has been a success for over 3 years now.

For those of you with the ambition to join our family we like to refer to our guild FM(Luna, Channel 10 FM4) and talk with the members there. Since we will judge you on personality and trustworthiness, there is no application form on this website that you should fill out in order to join our guild. We would rather have a talk with you in game as well as play toghether so we get to know you.
Labyrinth is a full guild, and slots are limited, we will let you know in game if we are currently accepting new people or not.

We wish you a great time on our website,

The Labyrinth Team

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